The best internationally recognised TEFL/TESOL course options in Prague, Czech Republic

In alphabetical order, with relevant note:

Akcent IH Prague | The only school that runs CELTA TEFL in the Czech Republic all year round.

ITTP TEFL Online | The only school in Prague offering the Int.CertTEFL/TESOL Online 60/100/130 hour courses.

Oxford TEFL (in) Prague | The only provider of the Trinity Cert. TESOL in the Czech Republic.

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6 thoughts on “The best internationally recognised TEFL/TESOL course options in Prague, Czech Republic

  1. I can’t comment on Oxford or Akcent, but I can on ITTP TEFL Online.
    I recently (January 2015) took their 130 hour Int.Cert All Inclusive Online course and given that I received the same certificate as if I had forked out much more on a residential course, I’d say this course is a far better deal.
    It’s not exactly difficult to land a teaching job if you are a native English speaker.
    All they want to see is your passport and proof that you took a TEFL course.
    Any TEFL course will do.
    I chose ITTP’s All Inclusive because it also involved the practical teaching aspect – something which I felt I needed. So essentially it was a combined online/onsite course.
    I am very satisfied with the results and have had little difficulty obtaining teaching offers both in the Czech Republic and abroad.
    Their website:
    And verified reviews of their courses here:


  2. I can second Lucy’s post.
    I’m a graduate of the ittp integrative 100 hour online course and have nothing but positives to write about the course.
    Don’t waste your time and money on an onsite course. Online courses are cheaper and provide the same results as onsite courses.


  3. Hi!

    I don’t know if this is relevant to this site, but last week I attended the Language House TEFL Prague party for its 2014 graduates.

    They have a very photo-heavy feature on their blog:

    Looks wonderful, but I was there and there were actually only 12 of us TLH TEFL Prague graduates.

    The blog photos are terribly misleading because they also capture non-Language House TEFL Prague (TLH TEFL Prague) graduates who just happened to be there that night. It wasn’t a private party. Chris reserved a large table and the other people were simply out for the night and I guess have no idea their photos are listed on the blog.

    It was SO boring! 😦
    I was asked about a zillion times if I would go online and write a positive review of the program.

    In the end I sneaked off, only to find an email in my InBox in the morning asking me again if I could write a positive revue of the Language House TEFL Prague!!!!!!!!!!! Jeez!!!!!!!!!!!

    I mean, I only went because I thought I might meet someone cool, but when the other 11 were either Language House staff or their friends I just couldn’t take more than 2 hours, so I left early.

    I have a friend who took the ITTP TEFL Online 100 hour course and she was very satisfied.
    Perhaps a better option than what Chris has to offer me thinks.


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  4. (the original version of this reply text can be viewed here)

    Good morning.

    Like others have noted I also find it peculiar that Chris Westergaard hasn’t made an official response to the allegations made on this website and on the others, where he is accused of faking reviews and committing tax fraud. If I was accused of such serious offences I would make sure that I made an official statement which presented information to the contrary.

    Firstly I would like to thank the owner of this site for including ITTP in the list of recommended international TEFL/TESOL course options in the Czech Republic, and I’d like to thank the students who posted on here providing their feedback of the ITTP TEFL Online program.

    I wouldn’t normally write on a website which openly criticises a competing school, but I feel that this is a good opportunity to explain the bad reviews which ITTP TEFL Online have been receiving lately.

    It has been brought to our attention that an individual (Mr Kyle Joseph Britto) and (allegedly) The Language House TEFL Prague, which we and other competing schools in Prague and beyond have tiresomely experienced ongoing issues with over the years, have been in unison— and under various aliases; both their own and anonymously — writing defamatory posts online regarding ITTP TEFL to push their (targeted) negative agenda.

    It has been written and published that ITTP TEFL is a scam, that we fake reviews, that we are in control of TEFL review websites, and my personal name has been attacked online as part of this virtual aggression.

    If ITTP TEFL was a scam then we wouldn’t have been in business for over 11 years to date, and looking forward to the next 11.

    We understand that the Prague TEFL market is a very competitive one, but we felt that the comments had jumped way over the line and that we should make some form of official reply as we have nothing to hide; we run a reputable international TEFL/TESOL certification program and have helped thousands of TEFL/TESOL graduates realise their teaching dreams over the years, and will in the years to come too.

    ITTP TEFL is not a scam.

    ITTP TEFL runs the websites: (Kept online purely for the Online TEFL link at the top of the page.)

    We run no other websites.

    ITTP have been providing international TEFL/TESOL courses for the past 11 years and in this time we have graduated and helped find well-paid teaching positions globally for thousands of graduates of both the onsite, combined course, and online Int.CertTEFL/TESOL programs which we run.

    The irony in all this is that the majority of these online plants have been directed at trying to discredit the ITTP TEFL Prague program, but since the spring of 2014 we have no longer been running Onsite Residential courses in Prague at our Prague Narodni 21 classroom and no longer accepting Onsite Residential course applications — wishing instead to focus 100% on our award winning and very well-received Int.Cert TEFL/TESOL Online and Combined course options.

    Since we now offer exclusively the online and combined courses, the address where we ran our onsite course prior to the spring of 2014 is no longer a functioning classroom and simply where ITTP is officially and legally registered (in accordance with local Czech law.) We felt that by saving on unnecessary office space and at the same time lowering course prices because of the additional savings, that this was beneficial for the most important piece of the jigsaw of our business: the customer.

    We are currently the number 1 rated course on, an independent site which only accepts verified reviews which have been written and submitted by real graduates of the program.

    ITTP offers:

    Int.CertTEFL/TESOL 60 hour Fast-Track (online course)
    Int.CertTEFL/TESOL 100 hour Integrative (online course)
    Int.CertTEFL/TESOL 130 hour All Inclusive (combined online/onsite course)

    Thank you for your time and for listening.

    If you are interested in taking an internationally recognized online TEFL/TESOL course with ITTP, then please feel free to contact me through one of the following contact options listed below.

    Thank you for your time.

    Neville David Thomas
    Online Managing Director

    ITTP TEFL Online
    Skype: ITTPrague

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  5. So sorry to read your story Neville!

    I made a little research online and can see that the low life Kyle Joseph Britto works for The Language House TEFL Prague (TLH Prague.)
    Here he is Kyle-slapping your company:

    And here he is in The Language House TEFL Prague marketing video, where he works:

    What IS funny about the second video is that Chris Westergaard could only muster up a small group of “Graduates”. I write “Graduates” because actually the majority of them are staff, and we all know that staff will give absolutely the most unbiased feedback of a product or service when forced to take part in a corporate video 😀

    Looks like Chris and Kyle have it in for you.
    Likely because your school offers a more widely accepted certificate, but for the fraction of the cost.

    I’m giving you good karma points here:

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  6. I wish to remain anonymous and politely request that you respect this decision.
    Unlike Neville, who runs Online and Combined courses and so is fortunately liberated from the Prague Onsite course school mafia, I do run an onsite residential course in Prague and have done for many years.
    I completely agree with Neville’s comments.
    Chris pushes his own agenda by faking reviews and unfairly attacking other schools, and it is well-known in Prague that he does this.
    It is also obvious that he doesn’t pay the taxes which he should do, meaning that he is a criminal.
    One thing he at least is good at is convincing new recruits that he is the golden boy and his school is the best around.
    We often hear reports of Language House TEFL graduates left at the end of the course without adequate visa support or job support. Funny, because those are some of the pointers on their website they claim make them stand out from the TEFL Prague school crowd.
    We like to refer to Chris Westergaard as ‘Oxymoron Westy’.
    You are doing the public a great service with this site. It’s great to see that finally someone or some people have decided that enough is enough.
    I wish to remain anonymous and politely request that you respect this decision.


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