Is Chris Westergaard Of The Language House TEFL Prague Guilty of TAX Fraud?

I wanted to highlight a scam currently going on in Prague and perpetuated by The Language House TEFL Prague (TLH Prague). In the Czech Republic there is a 21% state tax (DPH) which it is obligatory for a business to pay on every incoming transaction. The Language House Prague under their new owner have been running courses for the past few years and have only recently applied for their DPH status, to start paying this tax. This naturally means that for the past few years they have been pocketing the money themselves and not paying their appropriate taxes. No wonder they have such great prices listed on their website. They have been undercutting their competition unfairly. And no wonder the owner looks so happy in all his school photos 😀 If you have taken or are planning on taking a course with this Mickey Mouse operation – headed by the biggest cowboy in Prague: Chris Westergaard, then you may have/might be inadvertently involving yourself with tax and financial fraud. I have taken it upon myself to contact the authorities and make a formal complaint, meaning that this school might soon be no more. There are plenty of onsite and online TEFL training options in Prague and The Language House Prague definitely shouldn’t be high on anyone’s list.

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