Fake Reviews

I will leave this up to you to work out for yourselves. Click on the photos for full screenshot version:



(update: Chris Westergaard from The Language House Prague ‘persuaded’ Kelly D into deleting her (negative) review of the Language House TEFL Prague/TLH Prague from FourSquare.)


Something else a bit shady:

What IS funny about this video is that Chris Westergaard could only muster up a small group of “Graduates”. I write “Graduates” because actually the majority of them are staff, and we all know that staff will give absolutely the most unbiased feedback of a product or service when forced to take part in a corporate video 😀

No shots of the cramped school and out-of-date school equipment. I wonder why? 😀

Also, something a little more sinister about this video can be read by scrolling down to the bottom of the comments section in this post here:






6 thoughts on “Fake Reviews

  1. The Language House TEFL Prague (TLH Prague) have a reputation of getting any negative reviews deleted by threatening the unfortunate teacher who made the review. It goes something like Chris Westergaard contacting the graduate through FB or phone and explaining that if the review isn’t deleted then all further Language House support stops with immediate effect, including placing the graduate teacher on their blacklist. PLEASE don’t study with this school!

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  2. I took The Language House TEFL in Prague November 2014 course and immediately afterwards wrote a true assessment review of my experience. It wasn’t particularly negative, but definitely wasn’t particularly positive either. I also received a FaceBook message from Chris. At first he was very polite, asking why I hadn’t enjoyed the course so much, etc., but when I didn’t take down my review I began receiving phone calls from different Prague numbers and at all times of the day and night. In the end it was simply easier and less stress for me just to delete my review. And the phone calls stopped…

    I’m glad this site has been founded.
    At last now there is a place on the web where Chris Westergaard can’t have negative comments of his course deleted.

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  3. As I feel that everything that needed to be said has been said and because I don’t want the value of the comments made so far being diluted in a sea of scroll text, I am now closing the comments function for this particular thread; meaning that the existing comments will remain, but no further comments will be added.

    Please refer to the following section of the website for the better value for money alternatives to The Language House TEFL Prague/TLH Prague:

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