A warning for all Language House TEFL Prague (TLH Prague) students 2015

If you have signed up for a Language House TEFL Prague (TLH Prague) course in 2015 – either directly through The Language House TEFL Prague or through their affiliate school (International TEFL Academy) then because of a tax evasion fraud investigation by the Czech authorities you might find the school closed down shortly. In this case you might find that you arrive to Prague to find that the school you thought you were going to study with is closed, with the owner (Chris Westergaard) nowhere to be found.

I strongly suggest that you bear this in mind before making any travel plans to Prague.

If you do travel to Prague and find the school open then you MUST make sure to request an official receipt from The Language House TEFL Prague for any money paid in cash.

Please also bear in mind that IATQuO is not an internationally recognized accreditation issuing body, despite claims to the contrary on their website.

Furthermore, claims to be a Member of The College Of Teachers simply means that The Language House Prague only pay an annual fee to have this College’s logo branded on their website. It means nothing except that money has changed hands.

Further information regarding this can be read here:



8 thoughts on “A warning for all Language House TEFL Prague (TLH Prague) students 2015

  1. I was thinking of signing up for one of their summer courses, but not now.
    I don’t want to take the gamble that I’ll arrive and have no course to go to (shocking)

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  2. I was also interested in taking the TLH Prague course this summer. Not anymore though.
    I did a litmus test on their accreditation by posing as a recent graduate and writing to ten schools to ask for work. Out of the ten schools I applied to only one school had vaguely heard of IATQuO. The other nine just wrote back saying they wouldn’t accept a TEFL certificate from the Language House Prague.

    Lucky I stumbled across this site before I wasted a whole chunk of my hard earned money!

    Be warned! Be VERY warned!!!!!

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  3. So now I’m getting officially really freaked out because I signed up and paid for the TLH Spring course and I only just saw the comments on this site. Can anyone help?


  4. i’m also signed up for their spring (april) course and too am very worried/concerned after reading comments on this website.
    i contacted my bank and they told me that a chargeback is possible only if you feel that you have paid for a service which hasn’t been fulfilled properly.
    i gave them the example of the language house tefl in prague bogus accreditation (iatquo isn’t an internationally recognized accreditation body) and also forwarded them the link to this site, and they told me that it shouldn’t be an issue receiving a chargeback (refund) on my course deposit which i paid.
    i’m writing this to inform others that there is a get out clause.


  5. As I feel that everything that needed to be said has been said and because I don’t want the value of the comments made so far being diluted in a sea of scroll text, I am now closing the comments function for this particular thread; meaning that the existing comments will remain, but no further comments will be added.

    Please refer to the following section of the website for the better value for money alternatives to The Language House TEFL Prague/TLH Prague:


  6. Ok, I’m getting a little worried. I’m about to take the TEFL course with The Language House in the summer and I suddenly see all these blogs about how the institution is terrible, a scam etc. I know everything has pros and cons but such extremes of tax fraud and poor teaching is making me nervous. Should I go ahead or ask for my money back?


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